Create your own style and tell your individual story with the original Chunk® collection from NOOSA-Amsterdam. Inspired by magical cultures and handmade by dedicated craftsmen. Every symbol represents a world of mysticism and adventure for you to discover. The Chunks® from the NOOSA-Amsterdam collection each have their own origin and have their own stories to tell. They are mostly produced from natural materials like natural stone, brick, wood, pumpkin, shell, bone and ceramic. Each Chunk® is therefore unique and can differ somewhat in colour and design.

Allow yourself to be inspired by the rich symbols of the world and compile your own NOOSA accessory. Start with choosing from the NOOSA-Amsterdam collection of belts, bracelets, bags, wallets, scarfs, sandals and key rings and subsequently customise these with your own personal selection of Chunks®. They are easy to secure and swap, which allows for countless different combinations. You can use the Chunk® filters to find the origin and meaning of each and every Chunk®.