Pipol´s Bazaar


PIPOL’S BAZAAR is a Scandinavian accessories brand launched in 2009 with in-house designed bags, beauty bags, interior details and jewelry. With its touch of Scandinavian Etno-chic PIPOL’S BAZAAR launches new collections each season. Our range of products reflect our ambition to be a provider of beautiful and eye-catching items in our own design - bags, beauty bags, interior details and jewelry. Our product range is in continuous development and growth. The products are sold through retailers within Lifestyle, Fashion and Accessories and Interior Decorations.

PIPOL’S BAZAAR work together with selected suppliers all over the world and only directly with the manufacturers. We seek to visit all premises of the production sites and have close contact pre, during and post production. Many of our suppliers over the years has become our valued partners and collaborate with us in the strive for ethical production and environmental awareness. All our goods undergo quality control before shipment and we have our own on-site quality check.

If this is the first time we meet, we hope you enjoy what we are all about and that you share our passion for personal and unique accessories.


The company was founded in 2006 by Pia Fehrm. Pia, leaving a career as business developer within Telco and Digital TV, set off with a small budget and limited practical experience within the retailing industry, but with a strong vision of creating the products and the brand she herself was longing for. The business started in the basement of her home where all contacts with producers all over the world took place. Storage, packing, shipping and supplier meetings were all handled from the small house in Stockholm suburbs – as well as container loads of goods on the delivery of the first large client order.

After starting off with the two brands Pia & Pio and PIPOL Pia decided to incorporate them into what is today PIPOL’S BAZAAR. And from that starting point in 2006 in the small villa, the company now has 4 employees and has its headquarters in the central area of Stockholm.

Besides supplying products under the PIPOL’S BAZAAR brand the company also do separate projects within design and production with clients from various branches. Read more about this in the Design & Production section.

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